Redmi 9 – An In Depth Look Into This Product


Save Big Not so Smart! Not wanting to wait until the Redmi 9 comes to the US? Don’t fret, Xiaomi is conducting a lot of promotions from now till August 23rd. For a limited time, the limited offer gets you the standard Redmi 9 Plus with a free Mi Power Banks 4 for an unadvertised discounted price of sthiflely 150 (~$200). Redmi 9

Apart from that, the regular version of the redmi 9 comes with a 6.53-inch widescreen display with brightness and contrast control, a nice dual-mode camera with an LED flash, a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor, and a nice large size memory card which can support up to two thousand songs, images, and hundreds of videos. It has a neat new feature inbuilt called Redmi Auto Night which automatically turns off the lights when you are not using the phone. It can also detect your bedside alarm and turn on the screen when you wake up in the morning. It has a nice six MP camera with two zoom features and a thirteen megapixel resolution for great image quality. The camera is also equipped with a pretty decent battery life of four hours.

One of the best features of this phone is the stunning dual-core processor which is a variant of the ARM architecture used in the iPhone 4. The dual-core processor has twice the processing power of the A7 and helps the phone run much faster. The dual-core processor gives better performance than the A7 and has more memory. The RAM of the redmi 9 comes in expandable options of two, four, six or eightGB. You can easily save up more RAM by upgrading the old one. The large RAM helps the phone run multiple applications simultaneously without lagging.

The camera of this phone is also worth mentioning. The thirteen megapixel camera has a nice shutter speed and the image is quite clear and crisp. When you buy an redmi nine, you can get a sixteen megapixel camera along with the flash unit. This camera however is not one of the better models in terms of picture quality. There are many cameras with double the megapixels and the camera in this phone is not one of them. This camera however does work well when taking clear pictures in low light situations.

The battery of the redmi 9 is also worth mentioning. It has a lithium ion battery which is long lasting. This gives you thirty minutes of talk time on a charge and ninety minutes to an hour of usage on standby. The phone has a nice features of auto shut down which lets you manage the computer the way you want it to. The memory size of this phone is one of the biggest reasons for this remarkable product.

There is another important feature of the phone which people should know about, the Helio G80 Octa-core processor. This processor gives you the power you require to run several applications at the same time and handle all your tasks with ease. The octa-core processor helps in the smooth performance of the phone. It has fourGB of ram and comes with a charging cable which makes it easier for you to use this amazing product.

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